When I was little 

When I was a small kid, I often pondered about death. Not about the feeling of it, or getting rid of my sorrows. But how it would happen to me, and who would attend my funeral. Would it be a grand celebration of my life, one where people would actually care about this small boy who made some impact on the world and it's people? Or would the people be merely that felt sympathetic for myself and maybe the people that cared about me during the journey of my life.


Steps in an uncharted world 

Journeys start with a single step, each one brings one closer to their objective. But some journeys are not so fortunate, troubles arise and the traveller often gets troubled. A step in an uncharted world is about the path I am leading myself into, and the consequences of that path. It is about the way that I perceive things, and the attempts to deal with the problems in ones' life. Throughout the time that you read this, triumphs will be presented, but more often, tears will be wept. I invite you to make the step and follow me in the journey in this uncharted world.

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